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The Singer Glove

This controller was  built as one of 6 Digital Music Instruments built for the rock band Zool in 2006 through a Grant from the Fondation de France (Bourse Déclic Jeune).

The original glove had 4 small custom paper-based force sensors plugged onto the circuit of a hacked HID Game Controller: Vin Ground and signal pins can easilly be indentified under the analog direction padsm and it simply takes to connect your sensors in paprallel of the existing joysticks without even removing these. Digital on-off sensors can also be added in parallel to the existing buttons.

These 4 analog sensors enabled filtering. pitch variations, delays and other real-time change in the sound of the singer voice through a Max-MSP patch.

A 5th sensor was later added onto the thumb and used in combination with the 4 others m enabling 8 possible scenarios. A larger force sensor was also added in the palm of the hand which was especially interesting  with clapping gestures.

Last, flexion sensors along the 5 fingers were also produced witch conductive paper and metal adhesivesm which enabled to generate other sound events or real-time sound control using more visible hand gestures.



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