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Do you think paper has no Future?

We do believe electro-functional papers are the next media hardwares!

At Papier Logik we develop highly affordable and sustainable technologies to reinvent our futures world-wide...

Combining accessible resources, applicable knowledge and DIY practical work is the key for learning to play the guitar as much as it is for learning to build a computer.

All you need is there!

PapierLogik's rules also stand for providing sustainable resources and information to lower the impact of your activities upon the environment.

Help it spread world-wide through more sustainable life-cycles.

However, if technology is like magic for you, please take good care, young Padawan:

"A great power implies great responsabilities!"

So before attempting to work blind, please consider first the basics to work safely on your Hi-Tech project!

Computers Languages

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Both microncontrollers such as the Atmega found in classic Arduino Boards or the ARM processors found on recent development boards, smartphones, Tabs and laptops are very  powerful programmable components.

The Arduino case

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Arduino Boards were initially developped by researchers from the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italia as an open source project for producing low-cost basic computers for electronic development called Single-Board Microcontroller.

Practice makes perfect



DIY Electronics

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