Paper-Based and Printed Electronics


Paper-Based E-Cello built with Zool for their Violonist Anne-Sophie G. -- Bourse Déclic Jeune Fondation de France 2006

Makers from a variety of schools and universities or other research labs, and of course from fablabs have contributed world-wide to explore the potential of paper-based and other sustainable electronics materials since 2006. 
Building Sensors for Digital Music Instruments was the lead for our first paper-based electronics applications, as for insance with this Wood and Paper-Based E-Cello built with Zool for their Violonist Anne-Sophie  and thanks to a.Bourse Déclic Jeune Grant from the Fondation de France in 2006.

Makers like the potential to design their sensors exactly lie they wanted using easy to process and affordable materials, such as those provided in our development Kits, and they always come up with new applications ideas.

Of course, these takes to have minimal knowledge in sciences and techlologies to understands the basics of electronics and computing.
You can check if you are up to date with this through our EDU page. And don't worry about difficulties, you can find simple applications that are accessible even by 7 year-old kids for the most enthousiastic among them.


So are you a maker?

If so, here is a list of tools and tutorials to best use our development kits for a variety of applications. You may need a development board such as an Arduino as well as other electronic wiring components

- Build, Plug, and Play a Force Sensor
- Build Plug and PLay a Flexion Sensor
- Build, Plug and Play a Position sensor