Paper-Based and Printed Electronics

PLK Technical Papers

PLK PapierLogiK Technical Papers for DIY & Professionnal Electronics

High quality technical resources developed in University research labs since 2006, our electrically functional papers have been widely tested and optimised.

We currently distribute a variety of papers from Europe and North-America for the custom or serial production of sustainable electronic components such as recyclable or biodegradable touch sensors.

- PLK paper 160K produced in 2020. A recyclable equivalent to Velostat:



 Application Examples


Thin Force Sensing Resistors

Build force snors with PLK Volume conductive paper 100K as the resistive layer



Fixed Resistors

Fabrication of fixed resistors ranging from 0.5kOhms to 400kOhms with PLK Volume Resistive Paper 100K



Flexion Sensors

Fabrication of Flexion Sensors with PLK Volume Resistive Paper 100K


Position 1D Sensor

Fabrication of 1D Position (Linear Touch) Sensors with PLK Volume Resistive Paper 100K