Paper-Based and Printed Electronics

Volume Resistive Paper - 100K - 160GSM

High Volume Resistive Paper - 100K - Piezoresistor


As part of technical raw material developed and experienced since 2006 for electronic application, the conductive paper 1K has especially been designed as electrode layers for the custom fabrication of touch sensors and especially force sensing resistors.

It can also be used for its piezoresistive behavior under compression but the conductive paper 100K is more interesting for such applications.

This paper was also used for the design of anti-static or shielding materials, heat power transfer, temperature and humidity sensing or else as an electrode or functional layer in various components such as power sources.


Technical Details

This paper ca be disposed as standard sheets (A5, A4 or 1 Foot Square) or else as bigger sheets on request. The PLK-1K paper was intensively studied and we can provide the following specifications for our current stock:

Electrical Specifications

TF Surface Resistance  44.1 KOhms / Sq +/- 10%
BF Surface Resistance
20,1 KOhms / Sq
+/- 10%
Electrical Volume Resistance  0.7 * 10-5 Ohms.m
Single page variability < 5%
Page to Page variability < 10%
Max Power

5 Watts 

ROHS compiant

Paper Specifications

Weight 100 g/m2
Thickness 140 microns
Bulk 0.71 g/cm3
Roughness TF 10 microns
Roughness BF 7 microns
Cobb Water (60s) 50+ g/m2
Scanning Electron Microscope Image and X-Ray analysis of a carbon-loaded paper (carbon distribution in yellow)














This product was made in Europe mostly from wood and cotton fibers. It also contains less than 25% conductive Carbon Pigments and a few percent chemical additives. 


Carbon-loaded paper: a sustainable resource for electronics

It can (ands should) be disposed in recycling beans. Simply leave it free from other bonded materials such as metal connectors or plastic cover.

It was also optimized to have a minimal impact when buried, burnt or lost in the wild: it is biodegradable over time and burns much more easily than synthesis polymers.


Application Examples


Thin Force Sensing Resistors

Build force snors with PLK Volume conductive paper 100K as the resistive layer



Fixed Resistors

Fabrication of fixed resistors ranging from 0.5kOhms to 400kOhms with PLK Volume Resistive Paper 100K



Flexion Sensors

Fabrication of Flexion Sensors with PLK Volume Resistive Paper 100K


Position 1D Sensor

Fabrication of 1D Position (Linear Touch) Sensors with PLK Volume Resistive Paper 100K