Paper-Based and Printed Electronics

PapierLogik Products & Services

PapierLogik provides unique proprietary raw materials, standard products and services and services for th custom fabrication of electronic components and sensors.


Our carbon-based papers and inks, along with complimentarry dielectric materials and connectors have become reference parts for the custom design and fabrication of efficient embedded systems and human-interface Devices exploiting touch sensing.



You You will find here standard products designed for hobbyists and professionals. These are used for studies projects , research, POC, design, prototyping  and little productions of sustainable electronics hardware..


E-Cello 3 Parts



Raw Materials

We produce and provide technical papers such as electrically resistive 1K used as electrode for the production of efficiency-proven paper-touch sensors. THis paper is equivalent to plastic-based Velostat or Caplink materials.

We also produce technical inks and manufacturing solution for the fabrication of custom electronic materials and components using these resources, such a paper-based touch sensors arrays.


PLK Carbon conductive Paper

These resources are ROHS compliant and are mostly made with organic and renewable or recycled  resources. They can be put in the recycle bin, as long as the paper is separated from a plastic encapsulation.

The papers are also bidodegradable and compostable, and it burns mor easily and is much easier to recycle than plastics.





Standard On-Line Products

PapierLogiK Sensors Development Kits

PLK Original Development Kit







Our Raw materials are distributed as Development Kits and raw material resources for Fablabs and other facilities using blade or laser cutter, but also for individual use in research, prototyping, arts or else education.

These development kits have been used since 2007 with Masters  students in Music Technology for a start and have since be used by hundreds of students, researchers, artists, hobbyist and professionnals

Check out how you can quickly build a geat variety of components with paper-based electronics.


Standard Sensors

Resizeable series of standard force, flexion, position and combos or arrays of shuch sensors are available on-line upon productions. We regularly add new design or remove out of stock products.


Mount and Plug Surfaces

We also distribute limited series of large sensors and control surfaces to be mounted by yourself and to be used for a variety of applications. These offers varies with our production stock.


On-Request Productions

We can design and (have) produce(d) in series our Technologies, and with been experiencing a variety of productions and manufacturing of paper-based printed electronics in Europe and Canada.

  • We make design and prototyping easy with our development Kits and wide experience.
  • We control the resources and manufacturing solutions for developments in Europe and Canada
  • We already contributed to the development of numerous products with small and big companies like Néopost, P&G, ArjoWiggins, Airbus, CaterPilaar, Cascades and more recently Wundermarkt, Spaar and Aldi.

For more information, please contact us our founder