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Paper-Based Force Sensors


Paper-based versions of Force Sensing Resistors and other thin film sensing technologies:

same performances*1, cleaner technology*2. 

Designed to sense Human Touch from fine finger touch control to full human weight floor measurements. Please select among the standard shapes and sizes available in Stock.

1 inch Square Thin Paper-Based Force Sensing Resistor wrapped in transparent laminated thermoplastic.

Standard Semi-Automated and Paper-Based Reproductions of the Plastic-Based Force Sensing Resistors designed by Interlink, Tekscan, SensiTronics or QTC. These sensors are currently produced in Europe and North America and their efficiency is comparable to their  industrial equivalent.
They are composed of sustainable resources and ar fully recyclable and reusable locally, throiugh intensive R&D over all our products life-cycle.
Fully addaptable to any standard electronics, they can be designed into any shape and size and combined together so as to produce quickly custom Touch interfaces but also Floor sensing Tiles.


*1: MIT-Approved technology Cellulose fibers make rough papers excellent piezoreisistive

*2: Meet the logik: first electronic components that can be thrown like paper and recycled.


More Product information: - Detailled Specifications - Implementation Guides - Application Exemples