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Volume Conductive Papers

Carbon-Loaded Cellulose Sheets used as Piezoresistors and electrically resistive volumes for Paper-Based electronic Design and Educative Applied Science and Technologies. 

Conductive papers

- Grammage: 210 GSM

- Thickness: 250 microns

- Volume Conductivity: 25 Ohms.m

- Bottom Surface Conductivity: 80 kOhms/sq

- Top Surface Conductivity: 160 kOhms/sq

- CAUTION: Max Power admitted for secure: 5 W

Conductive papers
  • Electronic Fixed Resistors ranging from 1k to 1M Ohms
  • Piezo-Resistve barrier for Paper-Based Force Sensors or Flexion Sensor
  • Resistive Ribbon for Linear touch ptentiometer and Position sensors
  • DIY raw material for the design of electronic compnents and Devices
  • Fablab resource for fast HID Design with laser or blade cutters
Conductive Paper
  • Tin-Plated Adhesive Connectors
  • Complimentary conductive papers
  • Insulating papers and plastics
Conductive papers
  • Volume Conductive Papers
  • Conductive Inks
  • Conductive glues
  • Conductive Textiles