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Papier Logik Resources

We developped a variety of sustainable DIY and professional local resources such as green electrofunctional hardware with dedicated fabrication and implementation guides.

For Reinvented Technologies

PapierLogik resources enable the production of valuable electronic components for the production of custom devices, interfaces or immersive systems for the measurement and control of contact events .

For Custom Projects, Research and Developments

We can currently provide PLK-Papers world-wide from Europe and North America upon postal delivery services.

We also support custom production developments from prototyping to industrial developments with papermakers, printers and converters

We last have a stock of standard electronic PLK-TouchSensors for individual use or evaluation tests

PLK-Development Kits and Master Classes.

We provide open source hardware and software solutions to efficiently build up your own paper-based electronic components and devices. We have deveopped a variety of adapted development kits to cover most possibles requirements that the PapierLogik community has been extensively experiencing since 2005.

  • Edukits: learn the basics and practice with benefits
  • Components Kits: materials assembly for fast and low cost production of green electronic components.
  • Group Kits: Class packages for teachers and Fablabs
  • Surface kits: Resources for the production of large tactile surfaces.

These technologies can help students, professionnals, carfters, geeks and hackers in a variety of application projects for Digital Arts to Video Games, or else from Computer peripherals to connected House-Automation Systems.

For the Hacker sleeping in you

We have also gathered a variety of Hardware hacking and open source softwares and useful on-line resources in link with electronics and IT

Check out these useful and experienced links among open source and creative commons partners, affiliates and contributors from useful developments related to the PapierLogik Project's goals.