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Touch Sensors Fabrication Kit

Packs of Sustainable Resources for Fast development of Electronic Hardware: build a variety of paper-based components using the fabrication and implementation guides below.

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Kit Content: 
- PLK Electrode 1K Paper -- 2 Sheets * A5 Format
- Piezoresistive 100k Paper -- 1 Sheets -- A5 Format
- Internal Connectors: Metal Tape -- 1m length * 0.6mm width
- Electronic Wires: 6 wires ribbon -- 50cm length
- Internal Insulator: Thin Kraft Cardboard -- 2 Sheets * A5 Format
- Internal Laminator: Kraft Stickers -- 2 Sheets * A5 Format
- External Insulator: Thermoplastic Adhesive -- 1 Sheet * 45cm * 20cm


Build efficient sensors and other electronic components based on fast production technics for DIYhandcrafting, educative projects or semi-automated productions.


The original Kits includes sets of  smart optimised electrofunctional resources that can be shaped and sized to produce any forms of resistive-based component such as Force Sensing Resistor (A.K.A. FSR ), flexion or position touch sensors used to detect a variety of contacts, movements and gestures in Human Computer Interfaces .

  • Explore the fabrication guides for building components.
  • Considers the Implementtion guides for understanding how to use your components in various environments.
  • Get inspired or trained with these Application examples and user's blogs describing their creations.
  • Produce your own device and share its development and result with the Papier Logik Community through your workbecnch and personnal blog accessed from your user account.