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Large Tactile Surfaces Development Kit

Build Large to Very Large Surfaces  using sustainable resources and clever tools for building efficient and cost-effective sensing solution of various kinds and for unlimited applications.

Kit Content: 
- PLK Electrode 1K Paper -- 2 Sheets -- 1 Foot Square
- Piezoresistive 100k Paper -- 1 Sheet -- 1 Foot Square
- Internal Connectors: Metal Tape -- 1m length * 0.6mm width
- Electronic Wires: 6 wires ribbon -- 1m length
- Internal Insulator: Thin Kraft Cardboard -- 2 Sheets * 1 Foot Square
- Internal Laminator: Kraft Stickers -- 2 Sheets * 1 Foot Square
- External Insulator: Thermoplastic Adhesive -- 2 Sheets * 33.3cm * 33.3cm

Build Surfaces from 1 Square Meter size or more using smart assembling of sustainable resources through clever know-hows and tutorials for building efficient and cost-effective sensing solution of varisous kinds from single output carpets to multi-touch sensitive areas enabling to detect and measure multiple information of dynamic force and position of multiple contacts over digitalized locations or linear touch potentiometers of the size of the feet and in the range of the human weight with less than 5% precision of the force of loads applied.