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Practice makes perfect

Taking full advantage of the PapierLogik project involves you to know the basics for understanding how Information technologies work and how anyone can rebuild or reinvent them.

Discover experienced solutions and optimised resources for better understanding what your phone is made of, and, why not, build your own it in Paper!.

Back to the Basics

This first takes to consider fundamental knowledge in materials sciences, electronics and IT computing.

Practice with fun projects

We will then focus on essential tools and methods to get ready for practical applications with simple electronic circuits, and an introduction to easy access development boards such as arduinos.

Build Laptop and phones peripherals

We will last get interested in the development off connected embedded systems along with an introduction to computer science and programming, and explore various ways to produce devices that can communicate and interact with a network.

Test up your knowledge

You should now be a bit more confident with electronics in theory. If you are not sure yet, well take the Quizz!
Then, if you are successful, you should be ready to start up your own project.

Safety for Secured Practice

Electronics may be harmful and dangerous, as much as cooking! This is all about knowing what you can and what you should not do, such as leave batteries in used electronics, or leave power adapters plugged on electricity for nothing. Check out our Safety Issues page for more information,

And always remember that: "A Great power implies great responsibilities!"