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DIY Electronic Circuits, wire and connectors

Build your own électronic circuits using only cardboard and wires.


Most electronicians design their circuits using BreadBoards: this hardware support enables to temporarilly  build and test a circuit and its componenst over a standard format.

Once this stage is performed and the electronicians wants to produce a finite veersion of his circuit, he will usually design a PCB circuit and he will permanenty solder the components onto a dedicated circuit printed over specialtey materials.

While such methods are among the mostly used and performing process for professionnal electronicians who can also make use of a variety of development softwares for designing highly complex circuits to be mass-produced with professionnal equipments, the step of producing circuit is often a severe limitation for DIY and low-cost electronic developments as it requires an access to specific equipements and knows-how. These process also lead to highly durable but very lowly environmental-friendly industries, especially when recycling electronic wastes is concerned.

Our goal here is to circumvent these drawback by providing more accessible and eco-friendly solutions for designing custom circuits and even serial productions, using affordable tools such as those provided in public fablabs.

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  • DIY Connectors
  • DIY Circuit or BreadBoard
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