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Basic Knowledge & Safety

Electronics uses electronic energy, nottably provided by batteries, to feed a light or another element (actuator) that requires energy to work.

When connecting the 2 poles of a battery with a conductor, a chemical reaction occurs and enables a huge amount of electrons to flow inside the circuit very quickly.

This tends to heat up the materials up to very high temperatures, especially when the material is very thin, which enables to produce lights or heaters very easilly bu can also generated harmful burns, unwanted electric shocks or even generate disastrous fires!

Actuators (a.k.a. transducers) are designed to work with an appropriate power source and electronic circuit: each electronic devices require the proper energy source to work efficiently, and managing these carefully along with storing power sources disconnected  can prevent from useless energys consumption and lowers the risks of accidents.

At papierlogik, we work with various energy sources and propose ways to handle these for any project using appropriate materials for DIY Electronics.