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Inspiring Spirit for DIY Followers

paper based graphic tablet

Simple Electronic Design enables to build great resistive touch pads and graphic tablets of any size

The Singer Glove

A glove controller with paper-based flexion and force sensors on fingers tips to trigger Audio sound

Interactive Theatre Scenery

Paper-based touch sensors can easilly be hidden behind any surface or object along with embedded ele

Augmented Wearable Drum

The usual drumsticks and drummer shoes made touch sensitive using paper-based force sensors.

Inspired Electronic Cello

Wooden-based reproduction of an Alto Cello with paper-based Position sensors for the fingers positio

Digital Augmented Guitar

A series of Force and slide touch sensors onto an electric guitar table sending continuous control f

The Cigar Box

A cigar box can be an excellent structure for building a drumpad composed of 6 force sensors to trig

The E-Boye: A squizzable Controller

An elegant use of a paper sensor wrapped in a sqeezable foam.