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Inspiring Spirit for DIY Followers

Interactive Theatre Scenery

Treasure Islands is the first interactive performance/game using paper-based fllor sensors.
It was created in 5 days by Sarah Albu, Matti Niinimäki and Matt Waddell during the SenseStage workshop at the Hexagram BlackBox in Montreal in collaboration with researchers from Concordia and McGill University such as Marije Baalman.

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Check out this video from DailyMotion shot by Brett Bergmann, Marije Baalman & Matti Niinimäki and edited by Matti Niinimäki:

Treasure Islands from Matti Niinimäki on Vimeo.


Augmented Wearable Drum

Designed in early 2006 with a first prototype of tactile shoes connected with 6.3mm Jack and to be plugged directly onto an Electronic Roland Drum in replacment of the usual kick element (video part 1: easy drum kit replacement).


A second prototype was developped in June 2006 for the Drummer of the French rockband Zool around a collaborative workshop project in Arts, Science and Technologies funded by the Fondation de France (Bourse Déclic Jeune 2006). A concert was performed the last day using these instruments along with tradtional ones (video part 2: Drummer playing on a pillow).


The Cigar Box

A cigar box can be an excellent structure for building a drumpad composed of 6 force sensors to trigger sounds whose volume depends on the force applied. The electronic used to implement the sensors is a hacked Logitech Dual Action Gamepad for which the analogue sticks can be replaced with 4 analogue sensors. 
The cycling 74 team that distributes MAX-MSP has made a complete tutorial on how to hack and use a joypad with Max. The goal is to use the Hi object to get data through HID protocols. The paper sensors can either replace or be put in parallel to the analogue stick if they operate in the same resistance range.\r\n 
Each paper sensor has a size of 6*6 cm square and sensors are spaced of a few mm so that the total sensitive area, covered with a drum reactive foam, is slightly more than 12*18 cm square. 4 of the sensors were plugged as analogue sensors in place of the analogue sticks and two of them (on the right) were plugged as digital on/off buttons.

\r\n \r\nA patch was made with MAX-MSP and enables to trigger MIDI percussive sounds (Channel 10), with the sound velocity depending on the force applied for the four analogue sensors.