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Inter-Cultural R&D

Multi-Discipliplinary Projects

Papier Logik Resources have been first explored in France and Australia since 2003 and through a leading scientific research in Europe and North America on Materials Science and Paper and Printing Enginnering Applied to the Development of sustainable Hardware resources for the production of Human Computer Interfaces such as Digital Music Instruments.


Multi-Applicative Technologies

The Papier Logik Project aims to provide a full Data Base of Fundamental Konwledge, Know How, Resources and Tools that are linked to this Project Objectives. This should enables anyone to apply Henri Bergson's point of view over a variety of Applications from DIY Assembly Kits for Kids and hoibbyists to High Level R&D projects for University Students, researchers and Tech or Engineering Staff. 


Optimised Life-Cycle Objectives

Smart Papier Logik Resources aim to provide access to sustainable, affordable and addaptable Hardware and Electronics requiring Low Power sources but Powerful Resources: local Hardware life-cycles, durable but recyclable Products, Accessible and affordable Applications, Reusable Resources, Tools and Knowledge.

Efficient, Educative, and Econologic! These are the Paper Logics!


Inter-National Collaborative Networks

Join an International network of a variety of  scholars, designers, researchers, artists, or else just Geeks that already benefit and contribute to this wolr-wide project. Help us Develop Local antennas to cllaborate locally over these major innovations and provide local access to these technologies to ensure an optiomised Econologik Life-Cycle for this Project.