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Understanding technologies has become a daily challenge!

But can we really understand a technology if we can only use it?

Discover affordable and sustainable resources provided with user-friendly educative on-line tools that may enable you to finally understand and make great use of your former lessons of physics and chemistry by applying these knowledge to your own personal projects and will.

PapierLogik aims to promote paper for improving our products life-cycle and our environmental impact while preserving and valoring efficient technologies and industries that can ensure better ways of life at both local and global scales.

This Bergsonian philosophy has spread over the fields of education, research, hacking, design, craftmanship, start-ups, industries and other IT professionals all around the world through open source and common shared hardware and software developments initiatives such as Drupal and Arduino.

Make your own use of the tools and resources provided by the Papier Logik project ad spread the good use of this low-tech but proficient technology.

However, if you believe that technology is like magic, please take good care, young Padawan:

"A great power implies great responsabilities!"

So before attempting to work blind and in order for you to avoid unwanted short-cuts and harmful overheat, please take some time to reconsider the basic knowledge and secuirity measures to work safely on your projects.