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Components Fabrication & Hacking

Every day resources can be great DIY materials and tools. Here is a list of commonly found materials and objects that we hack or recycle for our projects.

Of Course, it all starts with Power Sources, as electronics requires energy to force electrons to flow and feed all kinds of transducers and electronic devices.

But it also takes some ingenuity when one needs a custom fabrication for a project requiring dustom developments, starting with appropriate  Wires & Connectors solutions to build Conducting and durable circuits and connectivities.

An appropriate mix between DIY Fabrication & Haking for Recycling to reduce the cost of the prototype can always be a plus while aiming for an efficient result in terms of design, ergonomy, workability and even sustainability.

Here are some start-ups regarding our favorite resources and Fab guides that e-DIY makers could benefit from:

  • DIY & Hacked Conducting materials
  • Low Conductive or Resistive Materials
  • DIY Insulators
  • Other Electro-Active Materials

... and here are a few Hacking examples that e-DIY geeks may enjoy:

  • Build Low cost Music Controllers
  • HID protoccol Hacking: the Joypads case
  • DIY Touch Sensors Fabrication