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World-Wide Shared Hardware

Build the society you want to live in. Do your part if you can and support or help us developing more affordable and sustainable technologies.

PapierLogik Technologies have spread as proficient educational and prototyping tools thanks to multiple exchange and collaborations world-wide with an increasing community of amateurs and professionals.

Intensive research and development projects within the last 10 years have provided sufficient maturation for this sustainable and local manufacturing of electronics to be developed at a larger scale and with optimized products life-cycles.

Our technology is based on organic and compostable resources and they are a sustainable alternative to the highly durable substrates we call plastics and massively pollutes the environment over hundreds of years. overcome issues due to plastic-based electronics products that can hardly be recycled and suffer very high carbon footprints and environmental impact world-wide.

If you believe that your current electronics could be smarter with paper, and if you feel like helping us proving this at larger scale, please consider the following options:

  • Get experienced with sustainable resources & DIY Practice.
  • Help inform people on how sustainable alternatives can solve social and environmental issues.
  • Become a PapierLogik supporter and contribute to improve the project's visibility.
  • Become a PapierLogik user and start using or building paper-based electronics.
  • Become a PapierLogik R&D Member and take involvement in current and new Research and Development projects of interest for producing better technologies for a more sustainable Economy.