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Why Smart DIY Low Tech ?

Extra-Large Single Outpu Force sensor hidden behind the wall tapestry to act as a Giant Light Interrupter

The materials we use everyday are produced so as to possess optimised functionnal properties, such as for instance relative electronic conductivity.

The PapierLogiK project was created upon successful attempts to use of wood fiber resources along with electrically conductive carbon powders to produce electro-functionnal papers such as those provided in PLK Development Kits for DIY Electronics, or those used for the production of Standard measurement and control Sensors , sensitive surfaces and Immersive Tactile Environments.

"One can only really understand what he would be able to reinvent by himself", as would suggest Henri Bergson regarding knowledge.

We then hope you will use these project resources to learn, practice, produce, repair hack and re-invent your own custom electronic devices and future technologies.

Sustainable Resources and products life-cycles enable the production of improved Electronics and "econologic" development, while providing universal access to modern knowledge and technologies:

Efficient, Educative, Ecologic and Economic! This is the Paper Logik!

Papier Logik Resources and technologies are possibly compatible with any standard low power electronic technologies for those who understand the risks and dangers associated to an unsafe use of electric power and electronic devices..

The Grow Seeds pages have been written to re-initiate you to basic knowledge for a useful and safe practice of electronics, and our community shares advices and experiences on the various associations that are developed with PLK Technologies.

So Get inpired by our On-Line resources to understand how to build, use and reinvent modern tools that can be used with your own Electronic Devices.