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What is PapierLogik?

First Logo For Papier Logik Website: A ready to plug Touch Sticker for your Controller

PapierLogik is a website devoted to the achievements of an Internationnal Research and Development Project co-initiated by  European and Morth-American Universities and Research Institutes in 2004. The initial goal was to try producing DIY Technologies for modern IT systems using accessible and affordable resources.

This multi-disciplinary project can provide innovative and highly spreadable research results and development alternatives to  improve our technologies and our quality of life in terms of evironment, education, equality, autonomy, sociablilty and even security!

This just take to Discover that Harry Paper's NewsPrint already exists and that paper should keep its place as among the most sustainable resource for producing Hight Tech compliant Smart Low-Techs. 

The Research part of the project focuses on methods for producing efficient paper-based electronics components and other Smart Low-Techs. 

Its development part focuses on providing Hardware and Software resources for enabling universal access to these methods.

As a result, anyone able to read me here should find anything needed for understanding and reproducing or re-inventing any type of  touch controller to be used with his phone or his laptop and become a new Key of the paper Logic community.

Experienced users and researchers will also benefit from among the largets database built on the topic today and be able to contribute to on-going further developments or share their owh works and relatd links.

The website aims to provide a multi-level access for better accessing and hopefully provide ways to better understanding and using todays technologies, using open source hardware and software resources for individual, educative and professionnal developments in Information Technologies. 

This project is released under Creative Commons licences. Please understand these terms for sharing or reproducing its content. 




Switch to plain text editorThe research started with trials on building DIY and Inexpensive computer-controlled electronics for the Input Device and Interaction Laboratory, MusicTech, McGill Montreal between Materials Scientists and Information Technologists and quickly focused on building high efficiency resistive-based touch sensors technologies using mostly specialty electro-resistive papers for building Digital Music Instruments and other kinds of Human Interface Device.

The research led from 2005 to a variety of pair-reviewed international conferences and research publications in the fields of Materials Sciences, and Media Technologies with  a major focus on music for building high responsive Smart controllers, with the Freedom of Paper. 

The concepts were fairly simple to reproduce using open source resources but it was fairly difficult to access reliable raw-materials and quite a long and heavy process to produce oneself electro-functionnal resources such as conductive paper, the project quickly turned onto the internet for trying to meet interests and share rare hardware resources among a variety of PapierLogik Pionneers. 

Since then, it has become feasible to fully rethink the internal structure of most usual plastic-based components used for consummer goods and the feeling for getting back to old-scholl concepts when paper was a widely used resource for electroic pionners, and many researchers among the world have explored ways for producing a variety of electronic components using paper (i.e. cellulose Fibers) as a wise resource for future electronic devices.