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Sustainable Resources & Hardware

Wood and paper are the oldest and most sustainable resources of human history, from construction to information technology

Local and Renewable Resources

Papier Logik Resources have been developped using local and renewable resources such as wood and water.

Our products are designed so as to ensure their recyclabilty and prevent from the loss of rare and non-renewable resources.

From Forests to Air and Water management

The papermaking industry is often considered to destroy forests. In Europe and Canada for instance, this is rather the contrary as this industry continuously contributes to trees planting and forest management so as to preserve their resources.

It is also considered to pollute and waste water, but most paper mills have been optimising their production process so as to minimize water and energy consumptions while monitoring their environmental impact and develop air and water treatment plants. 

King of the Recycling Industry

Papermakers have understood for long their interest in recycling their products: paper has been the first materials recycled nearly world-wide and is still the most recyclable human resource and has the most effective recycling structures at very low energy.