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reinvent your tools and technologies

Reinvented Electronic Cello built with wood, paper, metal wires and connectors, a Mouse and a Gamepad. R. Koehly, PhD Music Technology, IDMIL, McGill, Canada. Source: Computer Music Journal, MIT Press.

If electronic devices have the worst environmental impacts among global economy, this is partly because they travel too much!

Rewarded and approved research projects exploiting paper-based electronics have shown for decades that new technologies can be locally produced, used and recycled using mostly renewable resources and reusable microelectronic products.


This part of the project focuses on current research and development issues to be solved while designing a fully recyclable computer, a destroyable terminator orr any other useful invention for the future: check out the thematics of interest and contact us to join a research project or propose a new research axis we could help you with at