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Papier Logik MemberShips

The Admin Member User Account Page: join the adventure!

The Papier Logik Project gathers a very large collectivity of individuals, scholars, academics, professionnals and artists.

We collaborate world-wide with various organisms, institutions and industries who participate in various ways to this project. 

This page describes the various roles that can be attributed to on-line users who will register to this project and access to more content or web-development privileges.

By default, a new user is Anonymous and logged out. He can get access to all the public content of the website.


PLK Likers:

This first membership level is required to get access to areas for which we need to indetify yourself, such as our shopping process or our rss feeds.

You basically need to create a New account and provide a very few personal information such as you Name, e-mail and country. 

You will then get access to a personnal account page and a few other options such as access to local events, shop discounts and a personnal DashBoard for your PapierLogik projects!


PLK Users:

This second membership level is rattributed to likers who Started working on a Project and using resources provided by this project. 

This will give you access to a new range of on-line resources, discounts and new development permissions.

Each time you get an intem from the resources area, you will have a Blog page created for you to share your work online under the CC license of your choice.


PLK Actor:

This third membership level is attributed to Users who share projects with the community and/or who contribute in various ways to the Project management and its devevelopment.

This cathegory is thussplit into various combinable sub-roles that refer to tthose described in the Original Papier Logik Associative status written under french associative law regulations (1907). People who are hired under these status can have been invited by the Admin Members, or any User willing getting invoved to the Papier Logik Project developments can request to undertake one among the following roles:

  • Web-Actors
  • Local-Actors
  • Key Collaborators
  • Admin Members


Web actors refer to active users who feed their dashboard and share their creations with the community project.

Local Actors are volunteers, students or regular distrubutors that can demonstrate and/or provide our resources locally.

Key contributors is attributed to key partners, collaborators, funders, and founders who help maintaining and enriching ghis project.