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Papier Logik was at Fab14+, France 11-22 July 2018
Paper filled with conductive particles will turn from an insulator to an electrically conductive material that can be used to build Hi-Tech devices as simply as scrapbooking artwork.

Do you think paper has no Future?

We do believe electro-functional papers are the next generation of media hardwares!

At Papier Logik we develop affordable and sustainable technologies to reinvent our futures world-wide...

Combining accessible resources, applicable knowledge and DIY practical work is the key for learning to play the guitar as much as it is for learning to build a computer.

All you need is there!

PapierLogik's rules also stand for providing sustainable resources and information to lower the impact of your activities upon the environment.

Help it spread world-wide through more sustainable life-cycles.

However, if technology is like magic for you, please take good care as:

"A great power implies great responsabilities!"

So before attempting to work blind, please consider first the basics to work safely on your Hi-Tech project!