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Information Technology

Electronics has mainly been used until today for building computers.

A computer is basically a quite complex electronic system full of millions of components. They get every year more complex and smaller and today they can fit in a watch or even onto a view lense!


Most computers today are connected to the internet or many other wired or wireless communication system: they can share information to each other as well as to many other types of devices of their network ( as discussed with touch sensors ) and also react to an order by trigerring a new event (as discussed with transducers such lighs).


We would not dare to reproduce such complex elements as it is reserved to highly skilled professionnals, but understanding how these work will enable to discover their potential, understand their limits and prevent bad user habits. 


The goal is to enable the production of our own technical solutions and possibly even our own technologies usingrecycled, custom or hacked resources. We will also introduce you to affordable electronic devices such as Arduino boards, accessible with little knowledge, patience and motivating projects!