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DIY Electronic Circuits

Building functionnal electronic circuits requires a few hacked resources or specific raw materials such as a power source, conductors and insulators, and other transmitter components that will (hopefully positively) react to an electrical current, such as a Light Emitting Diode (LED).

Hopefully, such elements can easilly be found in retail shops, in unused or broken eletronic devices or even sometimes in unexpected places such as Art Shops!

We present below a short an non-exhaustive introduction regarding key elements for understanding how to rebuild custom electronics.

Power Sources

An electronic device requires energy to work. This is usually provided by low power batteries or power adapters when using home electricity.

Most electronic devices do not require a lot of energy and one can now find devices that will work with many other types of energy sources, such as solar pannels, mutual-induction, piezoelectricity and many others.

Connector & Wiring

Connectors and wiries are made of metals such as aluminium, copper, silver, gold or even platinium. They must idealy be and remain as conductive a s possible over time.

Electronic Wires are usually thi and covered with a plastic insulator and other sorts of functional layers. Electronicians use colored wires to build complex circuits so as to to better "read" the circuit, but all the wires cores are the same.


Transducers are also unavoidable in an electronic circuit as it is the element that will make use of the energy provided by the battery. You should NEVER BUILD a closed crcuit over a power source and no transducer as this will on the better case destroy your battery, and on the ost case start a fire in your home or in a forest.

Can electronics be harmful?

Electronics is not harmful if you understand and if you can control what may happen when you start a new experience or use a new component in a different manner. The goal of the safety pages is to help you exploring the basic subtleties of electronic technologies.

Is that all I need to know?

Nope! We know need to start with a few very basic tutorials to reproduce what you do with your physics or technology teachers. Most elements we presented here can be found in specialised shops or over the internet but It is also possible to build up your own coponents using eco-friendly resources suh as conductive paper. .