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Communication & Networks

Micro-controllers and processors can interact together through a series of wired and wireless communication hardwares and softwares.


When 2 machines can "talk" to each other or at least one can talk to the other one, we consider they form a network. Thus the internet is an example of communication network and is actually the largest and moste complex network of machines ever made in our human history.


Most computers, phones or tablets are able to be connected to the internet through specific connectors and electronic cards or wireless equivalents (WIFI) and dedicated softwares.


Development Boards like the Arduinos can also reach other machines through dedicated shields, but they are more often connected trough smaller private networks through Serial Communication over USB connectors and dedicated hardwares and softwares or wireless equivalents such as Bluetooth, RFAntennas and other technologies using Eletro-magnetic fields such as RFIDs. 

Many other communication systems have been used, using other energy sources such as light (optic fibers, LIFI) or sound (ultrasounds, microphones and speakers) or else haptic interfaces ( vibrator, air bag..) and force-feedback environments ( Gaming or training Simulators...).

We present here a few topics of interest for introducing the various communication technologies and principles used by the Papier Logik Project and of interest for stuents and DIY Builders.