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Augmented Wearable Drum

The usual drumsticks and drummer shoes made touch sensitive using paper-based force sensors.
Application Field: 
Digital Music Instrument
Application Product: 
Custom Controller
Rodolphe Koehly, Papier Logik, France


Designed in early 2006 with a first prototype of tactile shoes connected with 6.3mm Jack and to be plugged directly onto an Electronic Roland Drum in replacment of the usual kick element (video part 1: easy drum kit replacement).


A second prototype was developped in June 2006 for the Drummer of the French rockband Zool around a collaborative workshop project in Arts, Science and Technologies funded by the Fondation de France (Bourse Déclic Jeune 2006). A concert was performed the last day using these instruments along with tradtional ones (video part 2: Drummer playing on a pillow).